Simplicity 5219 Dog Coats, Beds and Blankets in Various Sizes, Uncut, Factory Folded Sewing Pattern

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Please see picture 3 for further information about sizing.

DOG BEDS AND BLANKETS IN THREE SIZES AND COATS IN SMALL MEDIUM LARGE....Suitable for dogs with a body length of 8" to 10" (20.5cm to 25.5cm) for small, 12" to 14" (30.5cm to 35.5cm) for medium and 16" to 18" (40.5cm to 45.5cm) for large measured from collar to the base of the tail; chest measurement of 15" to 18" (38cm to 45.5cm) for small, 19" to 23" (48.5cm to 58.5cm) for medium and 24" to 28" (61.5cm to 71cm) for large; weight approx. 7 lbs. to 11 lbs. (3.2kg. to 5.0kg.) for small, 10 lbs. to 31 lbs. (4.6kg. to 14.1kg.) for medium and 30 lbs. to 46 lbs. (13.8kg. to 22kg.) for large.

Pattern is uncut and factory folded. Envelope in excellent condition with some light creases.