Choice of 8 Patons knitting books - Pick the one you like

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Choice of 8 Patons knitting books:

Patons Book 861: 20 pages, 1970s, women's bed jackets
Patons Book 846: 36 pages, 1980s, women's sweaters
Patons Book 737: 16 pages, 1980s, men's sweaters
Patons Book 964: 20 pages, 1990s, kids' motif sweaters
Patons Book 648: 20 pages, 1980s, women's sweaters and cardigans
Patons Book 515: 20 pages, 1950s, men's sweaters and cardigan
Patons Book 550: 16 pages, 1970s, men's, women's and kids' sweaters, jackets, cardigans
Patons Book 946: 20 pages, 1970s, women's winter fashion

All books are in decent condition. Patons 550 has punch holes.