70s Women's Flared or Straight Leg Pants and Shorts, Knit-N-Stretch 210A, Multi-Size 8-22, High Quality Vintage Sewing Pattern Reproduction

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Women's Pants in Three Designs

· multi-size pattern
· flared style or;
· straight leg
· shorts

Women's sizes included:

8 (33"/85 cm)
10 (34.5"/ 88 cm)
12 (36"/92 cm)
14 (38"/97 cm)
16 (40"/102 cm)
18 (42"/ 107cm)
20 (44"/112 cm)
22 (46"/ 115 cm)

This 70s Knit-N-Stretch 210A large format, multi-sized pattern has been professionally reproduced and printed to exact scale on certified carbon neutral white paper, neatly folded and comes with full original instructions and a zip lock sleeve for protection against dust and moisture.

The amount of stretch in the knit fabric will influence the size of the garment, see information in picture 2.

Pattern can be cut or traced and preserved for future use.