40s Wartime Era Men's Regulation Shorts with Adjustable Waistband, Waist 36" (92 cm), Vogue 958 Vintage Sewing Pattern Reproduction,

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World War II era Men's Shorts

· waist size 36" (92 cm)
· regulation shorts have waistband that is adjustable at the back
· as elastic bands and zippers were banned for general use during 1940s WW2 rationing, this was one of the "regulation" allowed style of shorts for men
· rare 6 piece digitally drafted pattern

This uncut vintage 1940s Vogue 958 sewing pattern has been professionally reproduced and printed to exact scale on certified carbon neutral white paper, neatly folded and comes with full original instructions, colour front pic, and a zip lock sleeve for protection against dust and moisture.

Please note, the carbon neutral paper we use for printing is sturdier than tissue paper:

° makes the patterns easier to handle, trace, fold and store
° wherever possible, we combine multiple purchases for the best postage price